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Facebook-ing Your Business to Success

Written By Greg H

Have you already created a Facebook page for your business? Does the page have as many Likes as you want? Facebook, the largest social network in the world and one of the most visited websites, has opportunities for everyone. Almost all tech companies out there have their Facebook pages and tactics to promote business through them. In this article, you will learn how Facebook can be used to effectively promote your business.


Apps on Your Facebook Page


One of the most attractive aspects of a Facebook page is that you can use apps on it. This makes content creation very easy. For instance, if you want to publish posts from your blog to Facebook automatically, there is an app for that. If you want to create polls or accept feedback, there are apps for that. If you want to engage your visitors through discussion groups or forums, there are apps for that. The fact that Facebook pages can contain various types of apps makes the system very powerful without any work from your part.


You can install up to eleven apps on any Facebook page, although only four apps are shown through thumbnails. The apps on a Facebook page appear within various tabs. You can also customize these apps.


In order to get more people to visit your page and like its features, you have to provide maximum content through apps. Many companies provide app suites for Facebook pages. From these suites, you can select the apps appropriate for your page.


A powerful feature of Facebook pages is you can add your own HTML code within a particular tab and have it show up as an app. ‘Static HTML’ is a Facebook app that you can use to create custom iframe tabs on your page. It is a popular app that can be found in many pages.


You can also use apps such as Pagemondo to create your own content for your Facebook page. Pagemondo enriches your Facebook page with articles, images, and status updates from various sources. Pagemondo has a premium option that lets you add as many tabs as you want to your page. NorthSocial is another service that provides an iframe editor app using which you can edit an iframe tab within a page. With these apps, you can enhance your company’s Facebook page and provide value to the users.


Post Your Blog Automatically to Facebook


You may have a blog associated with your company’s website. You can get maximum social media benefit by sharing the posts from your blog within Facebook. You do not have to do this every time you publish a post on your blog. There are a few tools to automate the process.


Networked Blogs is a blogging app for Facebook. Within this, you can claim your blog and have its posts published automatically on your Facebook page. You can use Networked Blogs also for Twitter. Networked Blogs can pull your blog’s RSS feed and publish the feed contents on Facebook. It can set an image for the post if an image is found within the blog post; or else, it can post the blog’s thumbnail as the default image.


Selling Stuff Through Facebook


You may have an ecommerce site through which you sell various products. Did you know that you could use your Facebook page to sell products too? If your Facebook page has many followers, selling products through it may prove to be an effective strategy for your business growth.


Heyo is a Facebook app that you can use to create a feature-rich product promotion tab within your Facebook page. The app has a free trial version; it gives you various templates for landing pages, promotional offers, deals, contests, etc. By enhancing user engagement within your Facebook page, this app will create many growth opportunities.


Customer Support on Facebook


When people have questions or complaints about a particular product, they turn to social media. They post questions and share experiences through various communities and groups within Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can take advantage of this. You can take your customer support to a better level through Facebook. You can answer questions and share information about your products through Facebook.


Parature is a Facebook app that helps you create a support portal within your page. This app helps you create FAQs, manage support tickets from customers, and initiate chats. If you can take your support system online to social media sites like Facebook, you will see several benefits.




Building and growing businesses is easier today with the help of social media sites. Facebook, being the largest social network in the world with over a billion people, is an extremely powerful platform for business development. Companies and web developers constantly develop highly useful apps for Facebook marketers.